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Managing a project is a job. Managing profitable projects is a GOAL.

Complete project management on Salesforce. Featuring in-depth resource planning with full financial integration capability. Customised for your specific needs. Built by finance experts. For smoother, more efficient, more profitable projects.

Why Projo?

Planned, configured and implemented by Salesforce and finance experts

Projo has been created by a team of Salesforce and finance experts. A team with a unique, world-class ability to understand business process and needs, and the capability to tailor the app to your unique requirements. Complete end-to-end project management, led by experts.

Option for full financial integration

Our deep financial expertise and close partnership with Accounting Seed allows us to fully integrate with your financial and accounting processes. All project financial data always available, with instant reporting and real-time visibility. A true, deep, integration, sharpening project finances and increasing project profitability.

Extensive functionality

With extensive features and functionality, including in-depth resource planning and management, time logging, calendar views, invoicing, Gannt charts, reporting, and much more. View key features & functionality

Enterprise level firepower for SMBs

Projo gives SMBs resource planning, project management and financial integrations that are normally reserved for enterprise. Serious firepower, accessible to small companies.


Smart, efficient, profitable
project management

  • Complete project management on Salesforce
  • Enterprise-level functionality, built for SMBs
  • Seamlessly integrated with all your Salesforce data
  • Full financial integration possible
  • Excellent resource planning
  • Easily configured to your needs
  • Fully native to Salesforce
  • Mobile compatible for online / offline work



& Functionality


A Full Picture

View all projects from a single screen.

Customisable views, filters, and secure user access levels give your team access to the data they need on all projects in real-time – nothing more, nothing less. Easily understand the overall status on all projects and any risks being highlighted.

Detailed Project Planning 

Milestones, project tasks, clear dates, and more. 

Flexibility in ownership at Project, Milestone and Project Tasks. Start, End and Due Dates with visibility on completion % per object. The burn rate % is a powerful measurement to determine project risk analysis. 

Comprehensible Gantt Chart  

Easily plan and track project progress. 

The Gantt Chart is available per project and offers drag and drop functionality to assist with the ease of planning milestones and project tasks. Easily identify project progress. 

Controlled Project Profitability 

Full invoice and expense tracking. 

With the ability of tracking invoices (Money In) and PO/expenses (Money Out) against any project, the project financial status can be monitored at any point during the project life cycle to ensure a positive profitability. 

Real Time Resource Planning 

View availability and assign project tasks. 

The planner provides a project manager visibility to resource capacity and availability. Project tasks can be assigned directly onto a resources calendar, booking out that time as scheduled against the project. 

Resource Utilisation and Capacity 

See what your people are doing.

With multiple views and filters available, the resource planner shows the resource utilisation and capacity across multiple resources. The resource object also stores the skills per resource and this is available when searching for a specific skill set for a particular job.  


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